Design Principles



Throughout my years in design, I have been blessed to learn from a variety of mentors and peers. These are some principles I've gained along the way and I'm sharing them in hopes they are helpful to those aspiring designers out there.


1  |  Make the connection between the goals of the business and the work you’re about to do. 

Be informed about how your designs will make an impact on the company you work for or your clients.

2  |  Work with a strong product manager who values collaboration

You two should be as close as family. This person will be your ally and your greatest asset to learning more about #1.

3  |  Be the customer

Understand who they are, the problems they face when dealing with your product, and what they actually want.

4  |  Get as many internal stakeholders involved as possible

This gets people excited about what you’re building, shows your ability to take feedback into consideration, as well as true leadership.

5  |  Sketch often

No, I didn’t mean the design tool. Pen to paper sparks the best ideas.

6  |  KISS

Keep It Simple Stupid. Need I say more?

7  |  Make a mess

It’s okay if your desk looks a like it survived a hurricane. Lose control.

8  |  Be a storyteller

This entices buy-in to your idea. At the end of the day, your product is only as good as the story you tell.

9  |  Give back to the design community

Share your knowledge with others through mentorship and management. Constructive critiquing is also a skill.